Our products are all certified by the major Italian and foreign steel mills.

We can divide our workings into three main categories: band cutting, flame cutting and heat treatment.

As for the band cutting we use automatic machines equipped with scribing laser in order to obtain pieces with cuts that are as accurate as possible.

Also flame cutting is performed by computerized automatic machines to get a higher working quality.

Another process consists of our normalization heat treatment performed directly in our factory.


Pieces obtained by band cutting

  • Table protection plates (in hardened and tempered C45 steel, 1.2312, 1.2311)
  • Blocks (in hardened and tempered C45 steel)
  • Bases (in hardened and tempered C45 steel)
  • Punches (in hardened and tempered C45 steel)
  • Plates in general

Pieces obtained by flame cutting

  • Matrices with internal holes (in hardened and tempered C45 steel)
  • Shapes, slabs, flanges (in hardened and tempered Iron)





We make custom-made plates in all dimensions required by flame or band cutting.


We make table protection plates, blocks, bases, and punches for any kind of mould.

Custom-made pieces

We make custom-made pieces by flame cutting with computerized system

Shaped pieces

We make special shaped pieces according to need, up to 300 mm thick.

Ceramic moulds

We make mould parts in steel on design or co-design with the customer.

Heat treatment

We make normalising heat treatments and steels annealing.

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